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What is Pink Day?

Pink Day is a way for independent garden centers across the U.S. and Canada to host fundraisers for breast cancer research. They are unique, wholly customizable events that are fun for you, your staff, your customers, and your community!


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This how-to-guide provides you with an event checklist, tips on how to receive media publicity, a donation form and other resources for your event. We can also mail you a hard copy; just e-mail us your address.

Why should we get involved?

Hosting a Pink Day is an opportunity to mobilize your community, build staff morale, and fill your garden center with customers while raising money for an important cause. One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, as will one in one hundred men. Breast cancer has impacted countless lives, and the only way to reverse the trend is to support medical and scientific research that seeks a cause and cure to this disease.

When should I host my event?

June is the perfect time for your Pink Day. Most garden centers have found this works well for several reasons: Invincibelle Spirit hydrangea is in bloom, customers are still thinking about gardening,  and plant inventories are still fresh and attractive. A June date allows you to promote your event from spring’s first pansy sales, giving customers a reason to come back!

How do I actually raise the funds?

Garden centers have raised significant donations utilizing some of these ideas:

  • Donating a percentage of the day’s sales
  • Matching every customer donation
  • Donating a percentage from the purchase of particular item (hanging baskets, pink plants, etc.)
  • Donating 100% of the proceeds from the sale of all Invincibelle Spirit II hydrangeas
  • Make an additional $1 donation for the sale of each Invincibelle Spirit II
  • Silent auctions or raffles

How can we gather local support?

Other local businesses make great partners for your event. They may be able to donate food, beverages, or other services to offer at your event (hand massages, manicures, etc.). This also opens up abundant opportunities for cross-promoting one another. Another local resource to consider are your local cancer centers and awareness groups. They can put you in touch with like-minded businesses and can also contribute volunteers, literature, and other support to highlight the importance of the cause.

How do I promote my event?

You can use our free templates to create your press release, media advisory, and advertising materials.

What if I don’t have the time or budget for a big event?

No worries! Not every fundraiser needs to be a weekend-long blow out. When you donate to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, every dollar really does count: $25 directly funds 30 minutes of scientific research. Simply matching the $1 per plant donation on Invincibelle Spirit hydrangea or asking for and matching customer donations for the day can make a difference. The key is to publicize your intention as widely as possible to inform and involve your customers in the fundraising.

Stuck on fundraiser ideas?

We love to share the success stories and the creative ideas of the garden centers who have hosted pink Days! A Pink Day is your opportunity to draw on the creative abilities and talents of your staff and community. Here’s some inspiration from other garden centers who have hosted events: Wheatfield Nursery in Pennsylvania: Melissa, their marketing manager, is a professional lumberjack, and she organized her fellow lumberjacks to wear pink and engage in some competitive lumberjacking and demonstrations of their art: Moneta Farm and Home Center in Virginia asked their community to donate home baked items to be sold as donations. This helped them raise over $7,000 during their event! We love this neat idea from Uncle John’s Plant Farm in Ohio. They painted tiny terra cotta pots pink, put a ribbon through the hole, and sold them as “Invinci-bells.” All the money went towards their donation, and customers could hang them on a tree in the garden center in memory or in celebration of a loved one who battled breast cancer. This is just a small sampling of how garden centers have made their Pink Day unique. You’ll find even more in the Pink Day Planning Guide, and you are welcome to contact us any time to talk about your ideas.