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Add a touch of pink to your garden center with these decorations, raffle prizes, supplies, and gear for your staff. We’ve put it all together so you have everything you’ll need to put on a fantastic event.

Decorations and Promotional Items

resources_decorationsOur Pink Day kits include everything you’ll need to outfit your staff and decorate for your event: 5 pink T-shirts, 15 pink balloons, 10 BCRF Buttons, and a package of Invincibelle Spirit note cards. To order, please visit the cause-related marketing section of the Proven Winners shop (note: you will need a professional level account to access this link. Sign up here).


Order a Pink Day Poster Order a Pink Day Kit



Donation Form : Track Your Donations

resources_donationPlease let us know about your Pink Day! We’d like to thank you for your efforts, and submitting this form to BCRF allows them track your donation. If you misplaced your Pink Day Planning Guide, print off this donation form to help us track your donation toward our $1 million dollar goal.  Thank you! 

Click to Download a Donation Form


Templates: Press, Print, and More!

Invincibelle Spirit has you covered with a wide range of Pink Day PR templates including:


Templates: Press, Print, and More!

resources_pinupAsk for customer donations at the checkout register, then write their name on this slip to pinup on the wall for a great display and to encourage others to donate as well! This is an easy way to raise funds all season!

Donation Pin-Up Slips BCRF Fact Sheet



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