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Think of eight women you know – one of them will receive a diagnosis of breast cancer in her lifetime.

Breast cancer is the second-most-frequently diagnosed type of cancer in women.

Worldwide, a woman dies from breast cancer every 13 minutes.

Breast cancer affects everyone: the patient and everyone who cares about her.

Those are chilling facts, but there is hope. Lots of it. Survivorship has improved consistently for decades, thanks to increased awareness, early detection, and ground-breaking discoveries made through scientific research.

We are proud to support The Breast Cancer Research Foundation® with sales of Invincibelle Spirit® hydrangea. Consistently ranked as one of the most effective cancer charities in North America, over 90 cents of every dollar they receive goes directly to funding research toward a cure and the causes of breast cancer. The $973,000 donated to BCRF through the Invincibelle Spirit Campaign for a Cure has funded approximately 20,000 hours of  laboratory research, bringing us closer to a cure every minute.

You can help too. If you own a garden center, consider hosting a Pink Day fundraiser. If you are a home gardener, attend a Pink Day at your favorite garden center. Whatever you do to get involved, know you are improving countless lives, and perhaps, even, your own.